The story of B&T Roofing starts with Todd and Tracy Muth.  In 1996, Sergeant Todd Muth returned from active duty in the United States Army, following a tour of duty in Desert Storm.  Sergeant Muth enlisted in the Army Reserves as a carpentry and masonry engineer, continuing his service to his country one weekend a month and two weeks a year.  High school sweethearts, Todd and the former Tracy Pope, alumni of Westerville South High School’s classes of 1987 and 1989, brought daughters Ashleigh and Amanda home to raise their little family in Westerville.

Todd’s brother, Chad, had formed Muth & Company Roofing, and he was kind enough to welcome his brother back from serving his country with a job in the roofing industry.  Todd earned his home improvement license in 1997.  While brotherly love knows no bounds, the boys’ competitive spirit precluded a partnership, so Todd branched out to make his own way. 

B&T Roofing Ltd. was the result of a collaboration between Todd and Brant Beeney, who since has left the company to move to out of state with his family.  The business was run out of the Muth home, with Todd installing during the day, then coming home to eat dinner, shower and make presentations to potential customers in the evening.  Tracy’s day was jam-packed, too, with office work and billing for the company, a part-time job cleaning houses and raising two little girls.

B&T Roofing Ltd.’s first employee was installer Todd Nicholson, who joined the company in 1999, and Javier Velasquez, who came on staff early in 2000.  Some much-needed breathing room was added when the company moved out of the Muth house and into their first office at 275 Old County Line Road in October, 1999.  Robert Bills was next, hired as a laborer in mid-2000, and since promoted to repair supervisor.

When you visit the offices, you’ll be greeted by Shelly, the B&T Roofing Ltd. welcome wagon dog, followed closely by Cosmo, allegedly daughter Amanda’s pug (but often seen in Tracy’s company), who joined the team in November, 2007.

Family is important to both Todd and Tracy, and that includes the business.  In 2003, Tracy’s uncle Dick Pope joined B&T Roofing Ltd. to manage sales and marketing; Dick’s daughter Rachel helped Tracy and daughters Ashleigh and Amanda man the phones and the front desk.  After the September, 2008, wind storms blew through, full-time help was needed, and family friend Lynn Knox joined the staff to manage scheduling, database, website and graphic design, along with the occasional writing assignment.  Lynn’s son, United States Air Force Airman Kyle Knox, just home from a hitch in the United States Air Force, joined B&T as production coordinator.  Kyle, now Staff Sergeant Knox, juggles his duties at B&T Roofing Ltd. with Air Force Reserve duty and completion of his bachelor’s degree at The Ohio State University.

In the fall of 2004 and spring of 2005, Todd took Javier, Robert, sales superstar Joe Kovach and a roofing crew to Pensacola, Florida, to assist in cleanup efforts after Hurricane Ivan and ended up working on the Pensacola Naval Air Base.  The team will always remember the fun times they had sharing swanky hotel rooms and lounging by the pool.  It was just like summer camp!

B&T Roofing Ltd. is proud of their work in our community.  B&T’s efforts can be seen on Columbus City Schools, having re-roofed and/or repaired many Columbus City School buildings.  B&T Roofing Ltd. is a strong supporter of local athletics, lending financial support to many school teams in the Westerville City Schools and advertising in a variety of programs, yearbooks and education enrichment publications. 

Tracy's favorite part of being in business has been the flexibility it's afforded her, enabling her to help build the business and raise her family simultaneously.  Todd most enjoys his contact with homeowners and inspecting a well-crafted, reliable project that will protect a homeowner's investment for years to come. "There's little more satisfying than reviewing a new roof with a homeowner, pointing out professional touches that will keep the outdoors out and his or her family warm and dry."

Few new businesses make it past the ten-year mark, but B&T Roofing Ltd. has been able to continue to expand and thrive through careful, managed growth and dedicated, hardworking employees.  Years ago, at the kitchen table, it would have been difficult to envision a company with more than a dozen employees and four sub-contracting crews with whom he's had a long-term relationship.

A new chapter has begun with the purchase of a new building at 26 Israel Street here in Westerville, the site of the former BellePointe catalog outlet and (many years ago) Ska-Teen skating rink.  All of us at B&T Roofing Ltd. look forward to continuing our tradition of service to our customers and our community for many years to come.